Why do round pizzas come in square boxes?

Why don’t pizzas arrive in round cardboard boxes? Obviously, the process cost is the primary influencing factor. The square pizza box is obviously easier to make (while the round pizza box is not convenient to process, very difficult to make), the production process cost is low, and the versatility is strong. And the pizza industry doesn’t really care to disrupt the cardboard industry. Cardboard boxes are usually manufactured with edges (i.e. square or rectangular) because they can be made in one piece as well as neatly stacked.


The advantage of making a round pizza box would mainly be aesthetic. It’s not going to save space over an edged box. In the case of frozen pizzas, stacking pies vertically runs the risk of them rolling out of place. It’s just bad pizza management.

Will we ever see a radical rethink of the pizza box? Some people have tried. In 2010, Apple filed for a patent for a round pizza container with holes so moisture can escape. It’s used in the company’s food courts. Another company, World Centric, designed a compostable round box in 2018 that can be used to reheat pizza. A similar product was test-marketed by Pizza Hut in 2019. All of the designs boasted of keeping pizzas warmer and crispier for longer, but none have become ubiquitous.

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Post time: Dec-09-2022