Base Paper

Base paper can be divided into these types according to the material, Coated Art Paper, Corrugated paper, Gray white base paper, Ivory board, Kraft paper.Base Paper means any cellulose substrate capable of receiving a heat-sensitive coating designed to exhibit an image upon heat activation, normally from a thermal print head, which may be either overcoated or non-overcoated, depending on the end-use application (which may or may not include an impact printing process).

Ningbo Xiaoyou Packaging Materials Co., Ltd will provide the best base paper.

1. Ningbo Asia Paper is our high-quality supplier, we also have the ability to produce pulp and its printing ability is good.                   

2. Strong rigidity, good flexural performance and strict quality control;competitive prices and good and stable product quality.     

3. It can meet the special requirements of various product packaging and the safety requirements of tobacco factories

4.The surface of the paper is smooth and delicate, and the printing and die-cutting performance is excellent. 

5. The ink absorption capacity is stable, the surface roughness is low, the printing dots are abundant, and the printing effect is excellent.

6. Provide customers with customized services according to different requirements and meet various follow-up process requirements such as aluminization transfer.

7. Adapt to the post-processing procedures, and provide special requirements for different product packaging according to customer needs.