Fries box

Ningbo Xiaoyou Packaging Materials Co., Ltd will provide the best custom Fries box.

No More Grease Clogging: the custom fries box is oil proof to prevent grease from forming when filled with fried food, and avoid soiling your hands and greased clothes while enjoying a snack

Quick to Pack: French Fries Box equipped with a wide and angled rim, French Fries Boxes allows you to quickly shovel up food,shortening the time to serve a wide range of guests

Sturdy and Safe to Use: OEM fries box adopting quality paper, the disposable cup holder is durable enough that guests can comfortably carry snacks on the go

Disposable and Stacked: French Fries Boxes is disposable so that you can easily clean French Fries Boxes up, just throw custom fries box in the trash; Not to mention, custom fries box can be stacked to create more space in your storage area

The gorgeous brown color goes well with many different venues and themes if you want it on any parties like anniversary, birthday, wedding, baby shower, house warming, picnics or even all festival.