Biscuit Box

Ningbo Xiaoyou Packaging Materials Co., Ltd will provide the best custom biscuit box.

Custom biscuit box designed for workplaces, Can hold a variety of high quality ready to eat biscuit, ready to eat biscuit to fuel your team. OEM biscuit box ideal for an office of 3-6 people. Paper Biscuit Box is great for family, friends, and corporate gifting. You can choose custom biscuit box according to your preferences, it will meet your different decorations needs.

Custom biscuit box Super durable and made from extra durable, eco-friendly cardboard material and food grade PET window that will keep your biscuit safely intact.  You can use the custom biscuit box together or individually to combine with other party supplies such as summer party, graduation party, weeding, New Year party, birthday party, etc.

A custom biscuit box pleasant to the eyes creates a great first impression. Pack your home-made cupcakes or delectable creations in a unique pastry box. These custom biscuit box for baked goods are the perfect bakery take containers and gift pastry boxes. No wasted time or wasted material in using this custom biscuit box!You can also put stickers on these oem biscuit box for branding purposes.