Fruit Box

Ningbo Xiaoyou Packaging Materials Co., Ltd will provide the best custom fruit box

custom fruit boxes can be used as containers to hold various goodies like: Fruit, French Fries, crackers, bread sticks, cheese, Veggie, chicken nuggets, skewers, meat, greasy foods, snacks.

OEM fruit box goes well with many different venues and themes. Applications: custom fruit box for individual charcuterie cups for baby shower, bridal shower, party, wedding, birthday, event or picnics, house warming, anniversary, or even all festivals.

Recyclable:Paper Fruit Box are made of paper which would be environment friendly even if Paper Fruit Box are disposable.

Paper Fruit Box use Good quality cardboard material, food-safe moisture resistant coating on the inside, the individual cup has a lining inside for resistance to leaking and moisture penetration, very sturdy and durable, Paper Fruit Box is perfect size to display as a treat cup and individual container.

Paper Fruit Box Come flat,great for storage,so it does not take a lot of room to store them. Don't waste space in your commercial kitchen or in your cozy home