Which is better in printing, woodfree paper or art paper?


Woodfree paper, also known as offset printing paper, is a relatively high-grade printing paper, which is generally used for offset printing presses for book or color printing.

Offset paper is generally made of bleached chemical softwood pulp and an appropriate amount of bamboo pulp. When printing, the principle of water-ink balance is used, so the paper needs to have good water resistance, dimensional stability and paper strength. Offset paper is mostly used for color prints, in order to enable the ink to restore the tone of the original, it is required to have a certain degree of whiteness and smoothness. It is often used in picture albums, color illustrations, trademarks, covers, high-end books, etc. The books and periodicals made from offset paper are clear, flat and not easy to deform.
woodfree paper

Art paper, also known as coated paper, is a kind of coated, calendered paper on base paper. It is widely used for printing high-end products.

Coated paper is a base paper made from bleached wood pulp or mixed with an appropriate amount of bleached straw pulp. It is a higher-grade printing paper made by coating, drying and super calendering. Coated paper can be divided into single-sided and double-sided, and in recent years, it has been divided into matte-coated paper and glossy coated paper. Coated paper’s whiteness, strength and smoothness are better than other papers. It is the best one used in printing, mainly for portraits, art albums, high-end illustrations, trademarks, book covers, calendars, high-end products, and company introductions, etc., especially matte coated paper, the printing effect is more advanced.
coated paper

Which one is better for printing, woodfree paper or coated paper? The truth is it is the same for printing. Usually, there are more words printed on offset paper. If there are many pictures, it is better to use coated paper, because the coated paper has high density and good smoothness, so the printed pictures and texts will be clearer.

Post time: Oct-27-2022