Research on coated paper printing

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A commercial web press is a type of web offset press, a web multi-color press capable of printing fine prints over 175 lines/inch in color. Mainly used for color magazines, high-end commercial advertisements, high-end publicity materials, pictorial, etc. Among them, the drying unit is the core technology unit for high-speed printing of commercial rotary presses, and the drying methods mainly include ultraviolet drying and thermal drying.


Commercial web presses can achieve the goal of efficient, high-quality printing on most types of paper, but bond paper printing is a shortcoming. 1. Due to the smooth surface of the coated paper, it is not easy to ink when the commercial web printing machine is dry and the temperature of the unit is low. The printing ink layer cannot be well inked on the paper, and the printed product is prone to scratches and deinking. Secondly, due to the coating on the surface of the coated paper, if the temperature of the drying unit of the commercial rotary printing press is set high, the surface coating of the coated paper is easily deformed, blistered, and peeled off. This is a contradiction.

At the highest printing speed (36,000 prints/hour) of a commercial rotary press, after the printed matter passes through the oven, the minimum temperature for complete inking is 110°C on the paper and 160-180°C in the oven. The significance of obtaining this data is that when the printing speed is Coated paper prints inked and dries well below maximum speed and at constant oven length.

The design speed, oven temperature and oven length of different commercial web printing machines vary. When measuring the drying temperature of the coated paper at a certain printing speed, it can also be tested at any printing speed. After obtaining the temperature parameters, match the printing speed lower than the test speed to test until a perfect printing effect is obtained.

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