Is your pizza box safe?

In today’s catering industry competition, the competition of store food has been far more than the food itself is so simple, food packaging design is also important, and to attract potential customer groups, food packaging design will be more and more important.

 Of course, while we are concerned about the beauty of product design, we also need to put the safety of food packaging in a pivotal position, especially those directly in contact with food packaging materials. Today we are going to talk about food grade packaging paper those little knowledge, to understand what is the real food grade packaging paper.

01. What is Flexo printing? What is water-based ink?

 Flexo printing is a type of direct printing that uses elastic raised image plates to transfer liquid or fatty inks to almost any type of material. It is light press printing. Flexo printing is unique and flexible, economical, favorable to environmental protection, in line with food packaging printing standards, is the main printing method of food packaging paper.

 The water-based ink is the special ink of flexo printing machine. Because of its stable performance, bright color, environmental protection and no pollution, safety and non-flammable, it is especially suitable for the printing of food, medicine and other packaging paper with strict health requirements.

 02. What is corrugated board? What are the advantages?

 Corrugated board, a thick rough paper that is corrugated and elastic. Because the packaging container made of corrugated cardboard has its unique performance and advantages to beautify and protect the goods inside, it has become one of the main choices of food packaging paper that develops rapidly and is enduring.

 Corrugated board is made of face paper, inner paper, core paper and corrugated corrugated paper processed by bonding. According to the demand of commodity packaging, it can be processed into single layer, 3 layers, 5 layers, 7 layers, 11 layers and other corrugated board.

 Single-layer corrugated board is generally used as a lining protective layer for commodity packaging, or to make light plate, so as to avoid vibration or collision in the process of commodity storage and transportation.

 3 and 5 layers of corrugated board in the production of corrugated boxes by the common; And 7 or 11 layers of corrugated board mainly for mechanical and electrical, flue-cured tobacco, furniture, motorcycles, large household appliances and other packaging boxes.

 03. What is brown paper? Why do kraft boxes last longer?

 Kraft paper is made from unbleached coniferous wood sulfate pulp. It is very strong and usually yellowish brown in color. Half-bleached or fully bleached cowhide pulp is pale brown, cream or white.

 The wood fiber of coniferous tree is the main raw material for making kraft paper, and the fiber of this tree is relatively long. In order not to damage the toughness of the fiber as much as possible, it is usually treated by the chemical of caustic soda and alkali sulfide. The fiber is closely connected with the fiber, so that the toughness and firmness of the wood fiber itself can be well maintained. The resulting kraft paper is much stronger and more durable than ordinary paper.

 Kraft paper packaging box because of its unique color and environmental properties, as well as strong physical properties, popular in the packaging industry, and the development trend is also very fierce.

04. What is a fluorescent agent? How to detect the fluorescence reaction of food packaging paper?

Fluorescent agent is a kind of fluorescent dye, is a kind of complex organic compound. It excites incoming light to fluoresce, making substances appear whiter, brighter and more vivid to the naked eye. The paper industry is more common in paper liquid brightening agent, because it can improve the overall beauty of paper products in the sun.

And for food packaging paper, the existence of fluorescent agent is not in line with the needs of food safety. In addition, food packaging paper containing fluorescent agent may migrate into food during use, which is absorbed by the human body and is not easy to decompose. It will harm human health after continuous accumulation in the human body.

And detect whether our food packaging paper contains obvious fluorescent substances, you can choose ultraviolet lamp. It is only necessary to shine a hand-held dual wavelength ultraviolet lamp on the packaging paper. If the illuminated paper has a significant fluorescence reaction, it proves that it contains a fluorescent substance.

 05. Why must food grade packaging paper be made entirely of raw wood pulp?

Food safety is particularly important when food packaging paper comes into direct contact with food. Food packaging paper made entirely of raw wood pulp has no risk of contamination and can safely touch food without transferring harmful ingredients to food.

And the original wood pulp fiber toughness, high density, good strength, processing performance is better, in the process of processing and production without adding special ingredients to improve the appearance of paper, color, performance, etc. Not only improves the use efficiency of resources, but also the paper has good touch, natural color (uniform color, no mildew, no black spots, etc.), good printing effect and no odor.

06. What standard must the raw wood pulp (base paper) for food grade packaging paper meet?

It must meet the requirements of the latest GB 4806.8-2016 standard (launched on April 19, 2017). Special note: GB 4806.8-2016 “National Food Safety Standard for Food Contact paper and board Materials and products” has replaced GB 11680-1989 “Hygiene Standard for Base paper for Food Packaging”.

It clearly specifies the physical and chemical indexes that must be achieved for food contact base paper, including lead and arsenic indexes, formaldehyde and fluorescent substance residue indexes, microbial limits and total migration amount, potassium permanganate consumption, heavy metals and other migration indexes.

Pizza box is the box that we pizza people use to put our pizza in, and the most common packaging material is the paper box. Pizza boxes of different materials give consumers different feelings. A pizza packaging box with chic design and assured materials can better reflect the grade of pizza, and also enable our pizza products to show outstanding quality in the take-out market.

It’s important to choose the perfect pizza box to complement your pizza. The perfect pizza box should not only have a novel and chic design, but also the packaging materials selected should be safe, environmental protection and comply with food hygiene and safety standards. So it’s important to choose a food-grade pizza box made from pure wood pulp.

Even if its packaging cost is higher than ordinary packaging paper, but in order to environmental health, food safety considerations, and the long-term development of the enterprise, we must make the right choice.

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