Is the pizza box designed to make the pizza taste better?

Pizza is the number one staple food ordered by the Party. Although it is take-out, the moment you open the lid, the baked wheat fragrance and the milk flavor of cheese float out together with a hot air, which still brings a deep sense of happiness. It’s not just the saliva on the lips, it’s the pizza box that’s finally done its job.

The pizza box is one of the biggest reasons pizza tastes so good in our hands, despite being ignored every time, or even ripped because the big lid was too big to get in our way.

 Pizza boxes need to be strong enough that they won’t collapse even if stacked on top of each other. Another important thing it does is keep it warm. The crust is less fluffy and crunchy when it cools, and the cheese is less creamy and seeping and congesting.

But while keeping the inside of the box warm, the heat can’t escape and condense into tiny droplets, making the pizza soggy. So a well-designed pizza box is designed to insulate and expel excess water. 

In order to eat more delicious pizza, corrugated boxes have become the first choice.

 Why are so many pizza boxes made of corrugated paper?

As delivery orders grew, many pizzas had to be packed together, and paper bags didn’t provide much support or protection, so pizza was later packed in single-layer cardstock boxes. However, the pizza box is still not strong enough and can collapse because it absorbs too much water and affects the taste.

The first patent for a pizza box made of corrugated cardboard was filed in 1963, and it’s pretty much what we see today.

 Boxes made of corrugated cardboard have many advantages: They fold up without tape or staples to seal; Strong support; Bika paper box insulation; Breathable than plastic boxes. Even today, corrugated cardboard pizza delivery boxes still dominate.

Pizza boxes usually have two layers of corrugated cardboard sandwiched between corrugated sheets. The thickness of corrugated board depends on the height of corrugated waves in the middle. According to the size of corrugated paper, it can be divided into A corrugated, B corrugated, C corrugated, E corrugated and other corrugated types.

The thickened core allows air to stay inside the corrugated board longer and is less likely to exchange heat and cold, much like the “down jacket” for pizza. It can hold heat longer than single-layer cardstock.

 Pizza boxes are usually made of B and E cardboard, each of which has its own advantages. Cardboard is a little thicker, so it doesn’t collapse easily under steam, and some people think it’s more advanced to make a pizza box out of thicker cardboard. The E-cardboard pizza box has more available space inside, and because it is thinner, it is also convenient to print high-quality pictures on the surface.

 Sometimes they choose which corrugated box to use depending on the size of the pizza. For large pizzas, 14 to 16 inches, use B corrugated paper, and for small pizzas, 10 to 12 inches, use E corrugated.

They go to great lengths to keep pizza warm and dry.

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Post time: Feb-28-2023