How to make a paper lunch box?

Paper lunch boxes can be used in restaurants, canteens, street snacks, food packaging lunch boxes, fruit and vegetable boxes and hotel business supplies. They are very convenient to use, highly degradable and will not damage the environment. Next, specifically, the production process of disposable paper lunch boxes.

1. Pulping process.

The main raw material of paper lunch boxes is usually bleached wood pulp. Usually, imported wood pulp is needed to produce more commodity grade products. Intermediate products can choose domestic ordinary wood, pulp, low-grade products can choose bagasse pulp, straw pulp, bamboo pulp, reed pulp and white paper edge and other short fiber pulp.

Here, the bubble slurry acts with the hydraulic turbine pulper. Saponify the fiber through cutting, improve the binding capacity of the fiber, and add relevant auxiliary materials to improve the moisture-proof performance of pulp tableware and the waterproof performance of the finished product. Specific related materials can also be added. After paving and mixing the slurry, adjust the slurry concentration so that it can reach about 2%, so that the slurry can be dehydrated and formed on the mesh mold.一次性纸餐盒

2. Molding process.

Molding technology is to make raw pulp into Semiwet pulp tableware blanks with certain different shapes. That is, the pulp designed by the pulping process forms the bottom layer of wet pulp tableware on the metal material mold during the dehydration process, which is a key process in the production of paper tableware. About 95% of the moisture in the pulp is removed during the formation process.

Therefore, the product quality and energy consumption of this process are very high, and the improvement of production efficiency and crushing rate play a decisive role. Molding quality depends on molding machine, molding method, mold structure, raw pulp quality and quality factors.

3. Molding and drying.

The process of forming through a special forming machine, removing the moisture not removed from the prototype of pulp tableware in the forming process, and reducing the drying and dehydration cost is called forming. At the same time, molding can improve the adhesion between fibers and increase the strength of wet paper mold.

Drying is to heat and evaporate the prototype of pulp and tableware with the pure copper mold of pulp and tableware, and remove the remaining water after molding. It also has the function of sterilization. Reasonable design of the whole drying process to save costs has become the main way to improve the economic benefits of pulp and tableware enterprises.

4. Integer and trimming.

The process adopts hot mold pressing and calendering to eliminate the net marks left during the paper grid forming, so that the internal and external surfaces are smooth. According to the use requirements of different customers, there are certain pressures, words and patterns. At the same time, cut off the burrs on the edge of the tableware, and press down the indentation that is convenient for the folding of the disposable lunch box cover to open.

The disposable paper lunch box has a beautiful and generous design, which not only avoids the waste of resources, but also turns waste into treasure, and avoids the environmental pollution in the process of processing work. It is worth buying and using. If you need to purchase and customize, please come to our website

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Post time: Mar-17-2023