How Custom Food Boxes Can Be Helpful?

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When it comes to showcasing your food brand, customers don’t just rely on whether your food is reasonably priced, nor just how it tastes. They also pay attention to the aesthetics of the presentation as well as your food box. Did you know that it takes them 7 seconds to decide to buy your product and that 90% of that decision is heavily dependent on packaging? Since most buyers generally decide more quickly when a product is presented in a better way, investing in custom food packaging would be a wise decision.


Here are some ideas to think about

Chinese Takeaway is one of the pioneers in the fast food industry and one of the leading food brands that offer practical, convenient and economical packaging. They are usually packaged in sturdy craft boxes or cardboard, which can be recycled after use. Some people use some sort of origami pattern to keep the food warm, fresh and delicious inside, even when it leaves the pot.

lunch box
Popular in Japan, lunch boxes are often brought to school by students to eat during their lunch break. Called a bento, the container is usually made of durable plastic or cardboard and locks the heat from the food inside until noon. It has lovely, smaller portions, the largest of which is used for rice. Smaller shelves usually hold side dishes like tomatoes, sautéed vegetables, or soup, while medium-sized ones hold main dishes. Some restaurants outside Japan use this type to deliver their home cooked meals.

Kraft paper box
This type is one of the cheapest and cheapest to use. Kraft cartons are typically bought in bulk or wholesale and are what you’ll typically see in most takeaway restaurants. However, these boxes can also be customized, such as by stamping to place your logo or putting stickers on top of the box. Besides the default brown, you can also get other colors.


How can they help?
1) Informal occasions

If a client is hosting a party and is concerned that there won’t be enough plates and cutlery to use, food boxes are a great way to (1) control the food budget (2) give each visitor a fair share (3) avoid a ton of requests wash dishes. As a packaging company, they also offer to print custom designs on the box, such as balloons and happy birthday, or something in line with the party theme. You can use kraft paper, so both parties can save on more expensive options, such as bento boxes.

2) Brand consciousness

For a company, custom packaging is a great way to spread brand awareness, both locally and nationally. If a customer wants to use your service again, you can print your phone number for an additional contact method that the customer can use to contact you.

3) Recycle and reuse

All food boxes are recyclable because they are made from kraft or cardboard, but not all food boxes are reusable, except for bento. Chinese and Kraft paper boxes help protect the environment because they are 100% recyclable. Bento can be washed thoroughly and used as a kids’ lunch box, or if you prefer to keep your lunch in a safe compartment.


Ningbo Tingsheng Import & Export will provide the best custom pizza boxcustom paper lunch boxIvory board

Post time: Oct-17-2022