Bagasse food packaging

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Recently, biodegradable products are coming! Bagasse food packaging is an effective solution to the plastic problem. These eco-friendly products are easily broken down to be compostable and thus easier to recycle.


About bagasse food packaging

In reality, these are corn and sugar cane based disposables. Using bagasse food packaging can help you reduce the amount of waste you produce. Bagasse is the fibrous residue left over from the extraction process of sugar cane juice. It’s a waste, but it’s very useful! Sugarcane is mainly grown in tropical and subtropical climate zones and is very popular around the world. However, with the increased emphasis on recycling, the value of bagasse products has reached new heights! Besides the paper industry, bagasse also plays an important role in tableware. Bagasse Cups, Bagasse Bowls, Bagasse Trays, and more! In order to better understand biodegradable products, it is crucial to understand the production steps for bagasse food packaging.

Fibre bagasse is stored wet to remove short fibres and residual sugar.

The bagasse is mixed with water until a uniform pulp is formed.
Biodegradable bleach is added to the pulp.
Pour the pulp mixed with bleach into the desired module and keep at high heat.
Finally, bagasse food packaging is ready to use.

Bagasse Food Packaging Characteristics
The products made from bagasse are stable and flexible.
The product has good thermal performance.
Bagasse food packaging is water resistant and also suitable for hot greasy dishes.

Best of all, these are completely biodegradable and eco-friendly.
Bagasse food packaging is now taking over from green packaging. Green businesses are now flooded with compostable materials. From paper cups to plates, these materials are all the rage these days. Most notably, knowing that you’re doing your part to help the planet really makes you feel good knowing that your food plate will end up in compost.


In fact, there is a huge demand for environmentally friendly products from the public. Businesses that are adopting this new approach to conscious spending are getting very positive feedback from customers. How do you expand the eco-friendly scope beyond the usual reusable products? Bagasse food packaging is the best option. Hyde is working hard to deliver new and innovative products to further propel your business to the forefront of a growing clientele of conscious buyers. Our bagasse tableware range is sure to make strides in this area.

Ningbo Tingsheng Import & Export will provide the best custom pizza boxcustom paper lunch boxIvory board

Post time: Oct-14-2022