Bagasse cutlery is becoming increasingly popular in the UAS

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Bagasse is the fibrous material or pulp that remains after the juice is extracted from sugar cane to make sugar. It is basically sugarcane pulp. When you think of it, it is actually waste, but this by-product has been used to make a variety of products. Bagasse is abundant, versatile, and inexpensive, making them ideal for different types of food packaging. These are some of the reasons why bagasse is better than plastic take-out containers.
Most biodgradable disposables are made from bagasse, bamboo, corn starch and even fallen leaves. Our line of eco-friendly disposable lunch boxes are made from bagasse and are 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly. Since these products are not chemically treated, they are suitable for children and toddlers. Most of the waste that ends up in landfills and oceans is made from plastic food packaging. Using biodegradable products will reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills and the world’s oceans.

Because they are fully compostable and biodegradable, bagasse takeaway containers have virtually no impact on the environment. They break down in just one to three months in a commercial composting facility. They are truly an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic food containers. On top of that, it takes very little energy to manufacture these containers, so they create a smaller carbon footprint.
Unlike many other materials such as plastic, bagasse food containers do not leave any strong odor, taste or residue. This means that food consumed from bagasse take-out containers has no undesirable odor and does not negatively affect its taste or quality. In addition, these containers are safe in the refrigerator and microwave oven. Compared to polystyrene, styrofoam and paper products, bagasse fiber provides more durability and strength despite being lightweight. This sturdy material also has insulating properties, as it keeps food warm for longer periods of time.

There is no doubt that  are aesthetically pleasing. Compared to plastic containers, they look effortlessly sophisticated and chic. They come in brown or beige shades, giving an earthy vibe that complements the idea of eco-friendliness. They match other eco-friendly wholesale take-out containers and supplies.

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Post time: Oct-28-2022